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We've seen it all. We haven't met an inefficient process we couldn't optimize. Every situation is unique but no challenge is unsolvable. We get to the root of the matter and deliver game-changing process improvements.

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The Optimal Analytics customer journey


1. Selection

Selecting the proper projects to automate is key.  Balancing the simplicity of solutions and impact to your business is our primary focus.  We will walk through a brainstorming session where we identify potential projects, bringing automation insights along the way.  Whether you already have a plethora of ideas or no clue where to start, we help guide the selection process to maximize business impact.


2. Define

Once a project has been selected, a detailed definition of the project scope and process is needed.  We dig into the existing process to understand the current steps and desired outcomes.  We define the project in the following order: outputs (key systems, data and methods), inputs (identifying source information and systems) and key decisions and processing steps.


3. Research

We strive to provide the right solution for every job, optimizing future maintenance, flexibility, speed, traceability, and accuracy. Selection of the right technology stack is done through a data-driven approach that considers the existing process’s error rate, consequences, and time restrictions. We also explore both the existing process and the proper tools and systems for automation.


4. Scope document

You own your processes and tools.  Your input matters. Before we develop anything, we deliver a scope document to outline our proposed solution.  Here, we capture the existing process, measurements, and proposed updates to that process. We also explore potential solution architectures to select the perfect fit for your application.


5. Create

The outlined solution provides the framework for the solution creation.  We rigorously test, build, and review all solutions repeatedly to ensure tools will perform as intended.  Specific documentation is generated for end-user and developer use. All of this combines to make our solutions robust and simple to maintain. We'll need access to your data and systems to build and test the solutions.


6. Implement

We will provide everything you need to maximize the impact of our solution. We work with your team to install, understand, and implement our solution as well as create comprehensive usage instructions for reference post-launch. At Optimal Analytics we believe in long-term relationships; we won’t cut and run, but strive to make every customer satisfied with the entire project and for all future projects.