Stuck in a maze of software

Software shouldn't be like Myst

Posted by Optimal Analytics

In the nineties, there was a computer game called Myst.

The whole premise of the game was you weren't given clear guidance on the next step to take.

You're dropped into a world full of puzzles, false doors, and little traps, trying to solve the game by exploring a mysterious environment.

Unfortunately a tremendous amount of software feels just like this game.

What if it were easy?

How is my plant running?

How much am I losing in waste?

Am I getting better, worse, or staying the same?

Simple questions should have simple answers.

You get into work, open Chrome and go to your site’s website. It shows you yesterday’s production, what unplanned downtime occurred and and why, and if line speeds were as expected.

In downtime, there was a machine that was acting up. You remember this was happening last week so you look back over the past week at a Pareto chart of downtime to confirm. Sure enough, maintenance has been busy they haven’t gotten to fix it yet. You address this in today’s standup, showing the downtime from the past two weeks and it gets fixed within hours.

The best part is this information is collected automatically, without people spending their valuable time writing things down or making spreadsheets. It just works. While your team is running the plant, they don’t have to worry about how to collect data while running the plant.

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