Declaration of principles from Citizen Kane

Declaration of principles

Posted by Optimal Analytics

You know what you need? Honesty. Your business is humming along with its healthy operating margin, but no one gives a shit.

Your improved IRR doesn't mean a thing. You know it was a mix of luck and mediocre decision making. If it hadn't been good fortune, would it have been your call? Annie Duke calls this resulting, but it's you’re ego speaking.

Want to be honest? cut the bullshit. Burn the success theater to the ground. Where you're going you don't need false pretense. There's a core of what's real. You know how your business works. But that doesn't mean you know everything about automation/data/software.

A cobbled-together report and good operational numbers does not a digital transformation make.

Smooth automation Programs should talk to each other. You shouldn’t have to. Productivity is for machines. You should be able to focus on solving problems and making decisions. 

This is what we believe:

  • We believe what’s measured gets managed. And how sacred that role is.
  • Fighting noise with signal.
  • The right information to the right person at the right time.
  • Calm, intentional action.
  • Copy/paste is the manual labor of this century.
  • Wage war on the mundane.
  • Vanquish the variation.
  • We are the special forces of digitization.
  • We have the technology.
  • We want to give you the space to make better decisions
  • We want to give you margin.
  • You have the data. What you want is insight/knowledge.