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Data-driven process optimization and consulting

We help industrial businesses cut costs, improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

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We love the problems you hate

We bring decades of hands-on consulting experience and data-driven insight to solve the gnarliest production problems.


Game-changing, hands-on problem solving

We've been called to help in some of the most complex, heavily regulated industries out there: think high-stakes refineries and production facilities.


The mad scientists of intelligent automation

We've seen it all. We haven't met an inefficient process we couldn't optimize. Every situation is unique but no challenge is unsolvable. 

Focus on tangible value

What we do

Optimal focuses on projects that can create immediate efficiency and cost improvements with little to no changes to current systems. 


Get better data

People shouldn’t do things that don’t help you make money. However, these tasks still need to get done. Optimizing human workloads to tasks that add value to your company is the key to success.


Automate repetitive tasks

Time-consuming tasks that repeat themselves over and over again are perfect work for automation.  Optimal Analytics can remove repetitive and mundane work from your most talented resources.


Reduce downtime

Add IOT and data-driven analysis to your plant and get more insight into potential problems. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Optimize processes

Humans are excellent at seeing patterns and making complex decisions. Automation shouldn’t take these tasks away from people. But it can help.


Go beyond Excel

Our industries

We specialise in the following sectors: industrial, manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, chemicals, metals and mining, power generation, supply chain and food and beverage.


Metals and mining

Deployed predictive maintenance at a diamond mine, saving more than $10M in lost production within the first three months.


Oil and gas

We deployed predictive maintenance on critical assets from offshore platforms to oil sands. Avoided catastrophic pump failures, bearing issues, centrifuge clogging and helped solve premature filter degradation for several clients.


Food and beverage

Implemented an overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) monitoring system for a major US grocer, improving availability of one of their production plants by 12% while decreasing 84% of time spent on data entry.


Power generation

We grew up in this industry, and have helped plants safely extend their expensive planned maintenance, catch small problems before they became big ones, and guided the management of risk across a fleet of combined cycle power plants.

Small steps. Giant leaps.

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